Aminos Peach BP Pop Ups Coloured

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Made to match the Boilies. In colour options Black, Green, Red, White & Yellow.

All our Pop Ups are hand made to ensure they are produced to the highest standard possible.

Made using our own Pop Up Mix. Our Pop Ups are hard & tough, but easy to pierce with a baiting needle. They stay on the hair, and should pop up for a good 16 hours.

Our Pop Up Mix is not the most buoyant on the market, it is tailored to snowman a bottom bait of the same size or 2mm larger. This helps with your rig mechanics - you don't need to add massive weights or lumps of putty to hold them down. The only drawback is they aren't the best for Chod rigs.

Hi Viz Coloured Pop Ups also available.

PLEASE NOTE: These are shelf life products. Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight