Boilie Range

We are Old School and still roll our Boilies by Hand and use real egg. They are packed with nutrition and attraction.

We have a wide range of pre-set recipies, some of which are many years old, with a highly renowned track record, and a of true part of carp bait history.

We're also big innovators with some of our latest creations catching some of the biggest fish in the world! You can be assurred that no matter the bait you choose from us, all of them catch big carp!


Oi u lot

I am retiring, mostly, sorry.

The time has come to start taking it easy, ye ha, so I am stopping making boilies, not taking anymore boilie orders.

I am still making base mix, pops n stuff, so if you want I can supply all the bits for you to make your own.

I am genuinely very sorry to all the customers who have been relying on me since the start of time, Prem time that is. But the day had to come, thanks for all the orders over the years.

There are many aspects of the job that I will miss, it can be very satisfying sorting people out, and I count myself very lucky that I have had a job that I could enjoy, most of the time. I am probably not going to miss the physical work, of which there have been loads, having shifted a few kilo’s over the years.

I’m defiantly not going to miss the responsibility of getting very important orders done and delivered on time, for very important sessions/trips over and over and over again. I think that to do a decent bait job you need to give a fuck, but then if you give a fuck it weighs on you a bit, and if you have done it since 1986 it’s probably time to stop.




I have all powders and attractors so can do other stuff on request, email is good, direct to

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