About Us

We started making Carp Food in 1986, we are still making it and Big Carp are still eating it.

The boilies we make are hand made, with fresh eggs, not powder.

Our customers place a huge amount of trust in us to maintain our recepies and standards for the long term. Not a list of new fad-baits each year that disappear.

Sourcing ingredients for bait production has become increasingly difficult over the years, with many firms making cost-saving adjustments to base mixes to maintain their margins.

We've kept everything exactly the same, apart from some small cost increases where appropriate (We do need to pay the bills, wages and taxes).

We also don’t have stacks of sponsored anglers in the mags throwing hundreds of KG a week in, adding to our bottom line costs which inevitably gets passed on to you - the real customers!

As long as the ingredients remain available our mixes will stay exactly the same, no shortcuts, cost cutting or cheap substitutions. That’s our promise to you and why we’ve had such success over our many years and maintain a fiercely loyal customer base.