Hardened Hookbaits

Hardened Hookbaits, or Ardz as we call them allow you to present a matching hookbait to your more soluble free offerings for up to 48 hrs. Very handy if you want to keep the silver fish off.

Making the Ardz is quite a process, Egg Albumin and a little extra Whey Protein are added to the base mix, then it’s made into a paste with a trusty old Hobart mixer, which is then left for around 30 mins before re egging to get a very dense paste, almost too dense to roll. After a little time to dry they are boiled in a big and very hot boiler to get the best boil. The first nights drying is in a special drying cupboard and after that they spend a night or 2 in a wind tunnel, and finally another 3 or 4 days on trays in the packing room before finally being ready to be bagged and should not need freezing.

These should not be confused with Pop Ups or Wafters .