Oi u lot.

It seems that loads of people, well defiantly some, think that I have stopped doing bait stuff completely, this is not the case, I have stopped rolling balls and making pellet, still doing everything else, base mix, flavours, pops, wafters etc and of course talking shit, as always.

For me this means I do not have to do loads of work, which is v cool as I am now 60 and a bit knackered.

Also it is back to how it was when I first started as Premier did not roll balls then either, just flogged all the stuff and people had to roll it themselves, which I know a load of you find unbelievable.

I have just chucked some stuff in the Special Offers section which I know is the main place you cheapskates look, as time goes on will probably stick some more things in there, as and when.

At the moment it is all funky hookbaits, well worth a go as they all catch Carp.